Intelligent Thinking on Caribbean Intelligence


Why Intelligent Thinking?

Because, beyond the news and the analysis, there are the background thoughts of experienced Caribbean people and those interested in the Caribbean region who have given thought over the years to its well-being.
Sometimes, they express an opinion, sometimes it’s about advice to Caribbean and Diaspora movers and shakers, business people and cultural and other leaders.
These pages will feature analysis, viewpoints and considered opinion based on experience.
The topics will deal with issues which can create an impact on the lives of Caribbean people, whether they live in the Caribbean or abroad.
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The world trade-changing DOHA development plan is falling apart - did the Caribbean get that memo?
PetroCaribe logo
Energy geopolitics and security expert Anthony Bryan analyses the impact of Venezuela's elections and Hugo Chavez's PetroCaribe alliance.
cruise ship
As Air China prepares to fly to the Caribbean, does this signal a new era of long-haul multinational cruise hubs across the region?
PetroCaribe logo
Why Venezuela’s relationship with the Caribbean is changing - sometimes supportive but not always, writes David Jessop.
man typing
Tourism bookings, solar carports and bitcoin - is the Caribbean technically savvy enough to take advantage of changes in technology?
On the issue of climate change, the Caribbean has every reason to have its voice heard and be taken very seriously.
keyboard (freeimages)
Part two: Why the internet could change the way Cuba joins the wider world.
Cuba 2018 - what will it look like? A look at Cuba's changing landscape and expectations.
David Jessop
Caribbean Council Director David Jessop looks at the value of money sent home by the Caribbean Diaspora and its importance to economies back home.
laptop and books
Has the Caribbean lost its edge in nurturing talent for the future? How can our education systems change?
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