The Gift of Art

Art Ray
In this week's Saturdays with Ray
Some of us will look at the flower in a Desiree Connor- Edwards photograph and just see a peachy coloured flower surrounded by some green looking leaves or bush. Show the same flower to an artist, a musician or someone who’s mind  sparkles along the autistic spectrum  and see what answers you get.
You may hear about the hues of purple that ebb and flow within the petals of the flower of how the light hits it just right that in inspires a serenade or that just looking at the contrast of the colours can tell you a story. 
In order to see these things we must acknowledge that art in itself is a gift and the perception and interpretation of art is not just a gift but a skill that varies from person to person.
In this week’s episode of Saturdays with Ray  we meet three artistes from differing fields but whose perspectives on health, music and painting are inspired gifts.
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