London Parties - A Hurt Community Remembered

Couple in I Love Grenfell t-shirts




Doves released, fire officers hugged - nearby Grenfell and its disaster was mentioned in street art, truck posters, clothes and in special ceremonies during the two days of Notting Hill Carnival. [Photo by Debbie Ransome]




crowds at Notting Hill









And the crowds came out in full for two of London's sunniest August days ever.......clearly somebody brought the Caribbean sunshine with them for the party. [photo: Caribbean Intelligence]











Notting Hill revellers with flags








A Caribbean feel was never far away...even if it's the biggest street party in Europe, attracting thousands from around the world. Doesn't the Grenada flag look great in the London sun! [photo by Debbie Ransome]




Revellers with Jamaica and Trinidad bandanas



Every Caribbean flag (other parts of the world were available) could be spotted on the streets of West London during the festival. [photo: Caribbean Intelligence contributor]










Costumed reveller in front of London buss




That London feeling was also always close to hand. Bus destination? Notting Hill Carnival, of course. [Caribbean Intelligence contributor]











Grenfell Respect poster




The message was clear even on the side of Carnival band trucks during the two-day party. [photo: Debbie Ransome]












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