2014: The most-read stories

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From Chikungunya to Cuba, 2014 provided a range of Caribbean developments in health, politics, economics and culture.
We've chosen these stories based on your 2014 choices through page impressions, Twitter shares and Facebook likes. 
Thank you for all your support and comments in 2014 and we hope you enjoy the look back at 2014.

beach Promoting Paradise

This story grew as the focus fell on tourism in late December 2013 and the start of 2014.
Again, as British politicians paid more attention to the Caribbean Diaspora vote in the UK, this story drew your traffic, social media sharing and your comments.
Our daily round-up of top tweets on news items from the top Caribbean and Diaspora newsrooms continued to prove a favourite as your news catch-up one-stop shop.

Jamaican flag Down and out in Jamaica

This story of life for those on the streets of Jamaica became one of the stories shared by you on social media.


Statue of Liberty Visa and Marriage

Trinidadian journalist Kejan Haynes looked at the US immigration system and what it meant to Caribbean graduates.


Clare Forrester Goodbye to Clare

Caribbean Intelligence said "goodbye" to veteran Jamaican journalist Clare Forrester who was a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of CI. Clare died in September 2014 after a long battle with cancer. 


book New Writers Club

Updates on Caribbean writers' competititions and access to free downloads of Caribbean writing (available in some countries) kept this as one of your literary favourites.


Jean-Claude Duvalier Haiti's Duvalier Dilemma

The death of Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier did not mean an end of an era for Haiti but its age-old issues flowing into new streams.


Trinidad flag Trinidad and Tobago hits the campaign trail

The September 2014 budget and its political implications for the countdown to 2015 general elections became one of your favourites. 


mosquito Dealing with Chikungunya

Dania Bogle's touching account of steering her family through Chik-V clearly touched a lot of you.


UWI archive page Preserving a Caribbean past

The University of the West Indies' project to digitise programmes from the now-closed BBC Caribbean Service provided a heartening story about preserving Caribbean records.
Thank you for your support in 2014. For news analysis and for a brief news round-up, check out our analysis pages. When you want to switch off from the news, try our cultural pages What’s the Buzz.
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