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Below, Caribbean Intelligence has a news Twitter feed which follows the major newsrooms and news sources in the Caribbean, its neighbours and the Diaspora. 

Further down the page, you'll find our own news analysis stories on regional and global stories on issues affecting the Caribbean.


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Barbuda hurricane devastation
The Antigua & Barbuda Prime Minister explains why Diaspora support is key in an aid-pledging world where "games are played".
CYC logo
It's the Caribbean's turn to lead as the Commonwealth Youth Council sets out to win young hearts and minds across the 53-nation grouping.
Cover of World Bank report
Why the Caribbean needs to look more closely at the potential of its Diaspora in Europe and North America.
Cuban doctor
Away from the spotlight on the spat with Washington on sonic attacks, Cuba has been quietly making friends and influencing people.
Caricom logo
Caribbean Intelligence highlights decisions from the recently-concluded CARICOM leaders' meeting with potential 2018 impact on CARICOM nationals.
Caricom passport
The Caribbean needs to keep an eye on international scrutiny of citizenship-by-investment programmes.
UNDP banner Build Back Better
Caribbean Intelligence looks at projects and initiatives being used to save the Caribbean and beyond.
Andrew Holness and Rex Tillerson
The Caribbean is in the line of fire between the US and Venezuela and the region has a lot to lose.
Barbuda hurricane damage
As former residents trickle back onto Barbuda following Hurricane Irma's devastation, they face more than just repair and rebuilding challenges.
Patricia Scotland
It's become the mantra for climate resilience since the 2017 Caribbean Hurricane season. It's now time to put it in writing.

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