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Usain Bolt [From BBC documentary]

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"I’ve done what I wanted to do, you know what I mean? I’ve done great in the sport. People just want to see more and more...but you as a person have to decide that this is it.”

Usain Bolt speaking in a BBC TV documentary about his final months on the global athletics scene.


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“We are taking our time. We are not in a mad rush to spend. We are looking around the world for best practice. We are making sure that, when the oil comes on shore, it will be for the benefit of our Guyanese people.”

Guyana’s President David Granger on his country's oil prospects during an investment mission to London.






“The company is also proactive about reducing the illicit reproduction of Wray & Nephew white overproof rum and has upgraded the packaging to include a tamper-evident red branded seal as well as special no-refillable caps to protect consumers and to deter potential counterfeiters."

Chloleen Daley-Muschett, public affairs manager at J. Wray & Nephew, following a crackdown in Jamaica on a counterfeit rum operation.


Image removed. “I’d like to see a museum for pan music. I mean it’s an obvious thing. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be run by government, it could be a commercial thing. If a few entrepreneurs got together and charged an admission price and that could be profitable.”

David Stopps, UK music industry executive and author of How To Make a Living From the Music Industry, in an interview with the Trinidad Guardian during a music conference named after his book.


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