Life in the Olympic Village (nearly)

The Olympic Village

By Clare Forrester on her way to London


Still in Jamaica’s "departure lounge".


I have lost track of the number of friends and colleagues who have asked me to make space for them in my luggage bound for London and the Olympics.


It has become difficult to convince anybody that being accredited to the Olympics as a working journalist means just that – work.


Admittedly, there’s some fun along the way, but still a lot of work.

I recall in Beijing, on the penultimate evening of the Games, running into the Caribbean Media Corporation’s (CMC) Lance Whittaker who was finally making his first trip to the Bird's Nest stadium during the track and field competition.


Up until then, he had been virtually glued to the International Broadcasting Centre, where the Corporation’s tiny studio was located.


Fortunately, this won't happen to me as I plan on being at the Olympic stadium every day of the track and field competition, as well as at the swimming, boxing and martial arts venues where the Caribbean will be represented.


Been here before


London 2012 will be my fourth Olympics - my first was the Atlanta Games in 1996. It will likely be my last in this capacity, so I really mean to make the most of the experience.


Hopefully, our track and field representatives will make the experience one to remember, as they have at the previous three Games I attended, with plenty of anecdotal reports.