Intelligent Thinking on Caribbean Intelligence


Why Intelligent Thinking?

Because, beyond the news and the analysis, there are the background thoughts of experienced Caribbean people and those interested in the Caribbean region who have given thought over the years to its well-being.
Sometimes, they express an opinion, sometimes it’s about advice to Caribbean and Diaspora movers and shakers, business people and cultural and other leaders.
These pages will feature analysis, viewpoints and considered opinion based on experience.
The topics will deal with issues which can create an impact on the lives of Caribbean people, whether they live in the Caribbean or abroad.
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Venezuelan protestor
As each day passes it is becoming clearer that the rapidly deteriorating internal situation in Venezuela has consequences for near neighbours.
Theresa May
David Jessop looks at what's needed for independent states and British Caribbean OT's during Brexit.
Big Ben at london Westminster
When the UK triggers Article 50 at the end of March, what options will the Caribbean have in Europe and the Commonwealth?
Sugar cane field Guysuco
Are Caribbean sugar producers facing the end of an era? The problems are both at home and abroad.
David Jessop
Caribbean Council Director David Jessop explores the changing face of the Caribbean sugar industry.
Fidel image at Revolution Museum
Following comments by President-elect Trump and the death of Fidel Castro, Cuba's 2017 will be full of uncertainties.
David Jessop of the Caribbean Council analyses why, economically, the Caribbean cannot always be linked to the fate of Latin America.
Caribbean analyst David Jessop looks at the new challenges facing Caribbean tourism.
wind farm
A May conference in Washington has challenged the Caribbean to seek new energy sources and shift away from oil dependency.
Capitol Hill
The US and the Caribbean are on the brink of a new multi-year strategy which seeks to bring the Diaspora on board.

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